Bring out the luxury in your home with moldings. Crown moldings truly make a dramatic difference in any room and can be used in combination with other moldings to add details to the fireplace mantels and shelves. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and are used to fill the gaps between the wall and ceiling. Flexible crown moldings are added to curved walls as well as arched openings.



Besides dressing up the room and protecting the wall, baseboards hide the vertical gap at the bottom of the wall as well as the horizontal gap between the wall and the floor.



Trims normally come from the retailer unfinished, which means that its open pores make the wood much more responsive to the changes in temperature and humidity compared to finished wood. We do door trims, window trims and any other custom trims upon request.


*Remember, no home is complete without adding the finishing touches to it. Enhance the style of your home with our various selections of moldings, baseboards and trims.