Below are a few tips on how to maintain your hardwood floor's quality.


1. Sweep wood floors often with a soft, fine bristle broom.


2. Vacuum at least once a week to remove the heavy dirt.


3. Use a very dry, damp mop with soft heads or sponges when mopping wood floors. Excess water can cause damage.


4. Clean up spills immediately. Liquid stains (alcohol, vinegar, wine), if not removed promptly, can cause spots that will almost be impossible to remove.


5. Use area rugs & runners in places where there is high traffic. Vacuum them often so that the dirt won't penetrate through and scratch the hardwood floor underneathe.


6. Use walk-off mats at entrances to avoid bringing in all of the outside dirt.


7. Avoid wearing high heels or heavy shoes on the hardwood floor since they are known to cause dents.


8. Use furniture pads to place under table and chair legs and on the feet of dressers and armoires. They can be purchased at a local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes) or home center. Be cautious when moving heavy objects across your floor to avoid scuffing.


9. Use hardwood flooring cleaning supplies ONLY. Once applied, wipe the floor dry in order to give it the shine that it deserves. Avoid using highly concentrated chemicals, which can destroy the physical appearance of your hardwood by making it look worn and dull.


10. Window treatments are recommended in the home since excess exposure to light will cause the hardwood floors to fade, darken or change shades over time.